Less Time Cleaning up, more time being beautiful

Never Dread the cleanup again

Make the end of your routine a fun thing to look forward to! not only will this magic brush cleaner clean your brush, but also dry it! So your brush bag won't end up in that nasty mess we all despise!

Make Makeup fun again

  • Christine

    • 5.0 out of 5 stars
    • Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2023
    • Not only is it easy to use, but there's no mess and it works like a charm! You've got to spin it at least three times in the bowl, but it gets deep into the bristles and removes everything, even hardened bits of liquid foundation.

    Monique Apodaca
    Love this product! My brushes have never been this clean. I love that they’re instantly dry. I don’t think I’d use them straight away, but if I had to I wouldn’t be upset.

    Anna Luciano
    Love this thing. Ummmmm I love this thing. Cleaned my brushes in no time!!! Made it fast and easy! 😀

    L M G
    I’m kind of surprised, but this really works! It wasn’t expensive, and I’ve been putting off washing my make up brushes for too long. I bought this and still didn’t use it for a while, but finally decided to give it a try, and have been using it regularly ever since. It’s super easy, simple, and now I have clean make up brushes. I really have nothing to compare it to because this is the first gadget I’ve ever bought to do this job, but I do really like it..

  • Conimarie

    • 5.0 out of 5 stars
    • Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2023
    • I saw someone on IG use a brush cleaner like this one and decided to try it because I hate how long it takes for my makeup brushes to dry after I clean them. I literally just used this and was beyond impressed. All of my brushes clean and dry in less than 15 minutes!! The best part is that it works for ALL my brushes, including the mascara wand, eyebrow brush/comb, and my liquid foundation brush. All retained their shape and were dry in 10-20 seconds! Best purchase EVER, and it stores in a nice little box. Very easy to use, also. The hardest part is choosing the right collar for the brush, but once you figure it out, it's super easy! Strongly recommend - 10 out of 10

    Catherine A. Harper
    I was skeptical, but this is an awesome tool. Glad I went for it To be honest, this was an impulse buy and I wasn't really sure if it would be as effective as manual cleaning. I usually use a powder brush and eyebrow brush daily, and occasionally a foundation kabuki brush and blush brush. I wouldn't recommend this for a dual eyebrow brush/spoolie (I crushed the spoolie...) but for the others? This has been a WONDERFUL tool. I highly recommend this for cleaning your larger/fluffier brushes. It really spins and agitates makeup/grime, and then dries the brushes very well. You can clean all your brushes and they'll be ready for tomorrow morning. I use it with the ecotools cleanser for brushes

    C Pillow
    Better for a Lighter Clean I bought this for my mom, who has now been using it every weekend for a couple of months. Her foundation tends to build up on her brushes and her eyeliner hardens, so she finds that using a little soap to loosen it up a bit before using this cleaner works better. After that, she uses this cleaner and thinks it works well. I think she finds it fun to use! I gave her the EcoTools Professional Makeup Cleaner for Brushes to put a drop of into the water, and that works nicely, but I know using just water also works fine. I am not sure it would really do a great deep-clean, but it does clean.

    Ms. McKoy
    Product promise fulfilled My face was starting to break out, so I went to the source, dirty makeup brushes. I can definitely say, this product works. I have MAC brushes and the silicone connectors were compatible with these brushes. This product restores them like new! I would highly recommend this product.

  • Column

    Patty Bee

    • 4.0 out of 5 stars
    • Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2023
    • I bought this and tried it out on one of my brushes I haven't washed in a few months (Don't judge. I hate washing makeup brushes, and I don't wear makeup as often as I used to pre-COVID). Anyway, it hasn't been washed in a while, but this was magic! I'm sure if I do this a few more times, it will leave my brush looking better. Now it won't be such a hassle to wash my brushes or feel more like a chore. Highly recommend!

    Passion B.
    Amazing and fast! I don’t clean my makeup brushes as much as I should but I finally ran out of clean makeup brushes and needed to clean them. I love how fast this is than doing so by hand on a rubber mat and then letting it air dry. This dries it to where you can use them in an hour or so no problem but not enough to use right away. Brushes that had dried up eyeliner or foundation I had to scrub on the ridges in the bottom of the bowl first and then use the tool to clean. I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 tho cause the black cap to the bowl doesn’t stay on but otherwise works perfectly! I believe the bad reviews are from user error. If you read the directions, you’ll receive clean brushes! This definitely will make me want to keep up with cleaning my brushes on a bi-weekly basis now!

    Dries most brushes fast I like that this cleans and dries your brushes. I have a manual silicone brush cleaner that adheres to surfaces by suction cups that I feel cleans my brushes faster but I love that this has the ability to dry them. It provides the opportunity to clean and use the brushes the same day. I did find that my fluffier brushes didn’t get as dry as the others so I still had to lie them out to finish drying. I still think it’s a good purchase.